NATIVO /na·tì·vo/: Natural, innate, genuine….your own nature and character, an instinctive personality

NATIVO comes from this simple idea: to produce natural, pure, powerful energy bars, no artificial flavours, no refined sugar added.
NATIVO products are raw food, since to maintain their nutritive properties we just dry them at low temperature.

We produce energy-bars, dried bananas and delicious skin-fruit.

Starting from best quality organic ingredients, as gluten free cereals, dried fruits, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, we’ve created our healthy and nutritive ENERGY BAR, balancing Carbohydrates, Fats and Proteins… always looking for the excellent nutritive power and good tasting!!!

Finally we’ve tested our products in endurance sports and outdoor activities. Mountain-bike, bike, running, hiking, climbing, trekking in Nature and forests, always eating only NATIVO products.

That’s how NATIVO was born! …for fun, but that’s how most of the best ideas started.

After a few years, in 2016, our business started, involving more and more active people testing NATIVO products, because we love to share our sport passions!

Our target is to promote natural, powerful, healthy food for active people, with a low impact on environment.
NATIVO are best quality energy bars. Only Wild Energy from Nature!!!

So, why to eat NATI-VO?
Simply because is 100% energy from Nature with low enviromental impact.

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